Cisco Webex

As of October 2023, Telecom will no longer provision new Cisco WebEx account except for call centre agents that are part of a Broadsoft call queue.  For all other new phone number requests, users will be assigned with a Teams phone number instead.

Support for existing WebEx users will continue until the users are migrated over to MS Teams Phone.

Microsoft Teams Phone is the official and main VoIP service provided by Telecom for all faculty and staff at University of Toronto.  To request a Teams phone number, please click on the link below:

New MS Teams Phone Number Request

For more information about the migration to Teams Phone, refer to the FAQs.

Questions? Please contact

Rogers launches 5G for corporate vendor of record plan

The 5G service is now available as an option on the Rogers Corporate Mobility Vendor of Record plan.

In order to get 5G service, you need a 5G compatible phone, the Rogers 5G plan, a Rogers 5G SIM card and to be in an area with 5G coverage.

The pricing for the 5G plan is the same as the Unlimited Data tier on the Vendor of Record plan, the only difference is you don’t have the lower tier with a 6GB limit. All users that choose the 5G option are automatically on unlimited data.

Please click here for some FAQ’s on 5G with Rogers.

If you have any other questions about 5G on the Rogers network or want to know how you can request 5G as a plan please reach out to Steven Wall at Telecommunications.

Notice: U.S. mobile carriers to discontinue 3G network service

Bell Mobility have notified us that starting February 2022, U.S. carriers will begin phasing out their 3G / HSPA wireless network service in the U.S (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands). Here are the latest updates on the status of the 3G / HSPA networks of Bell’s roaming partners:

  • AT&T has officially announced that their 3G / HSPA network will be discontinued in February 2022.
  • T-Mobile has not made a public statement regarding their 3G / HSPA network, but we expect that it will be discontinued in 2022.

The discontinuation impacts Canadian wireless subscribers who travel in the U.S. and use devices that do not support 4G LTE data and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) roaming.

If your subscribers have devices that only support 3G / HSPA, they will not be able to use voice services (including 9-1-1), the Internet or mobile data in AT&T and T-Mobile coverage areas once these carriers’ 3G / HSPA network services are discontinued.

In addition, subscribers with 4G LTE devices that do not support VoLTE roaming will also not be able to use voice services in these areas.

To continue roaming in the United States, impacted subscribers will require a compatible 4G LTE device for data-only services or a VoLTE roaming compatible device for voice and data services.


Notice regarding the decommission of BlackBerry OS devices

BlackBerry has announced that effective January 4, 2022, all BlackBerry operating systems will go offline. This means any device/service running on these operating systems, will no longer function after this date. To view the full list of impacted devices visit

Any BlackBerry devices currently running on an Android operating system will continue functioning normally however devices currently running on the BlackBerry operating system will no longer function.


t is important that you address this issue prior to the decommission date, as voice (including emergency calls to 9-1-1), text and data services will no longer function for your impacted subscribers after this date. In addition, you will continue to be billed for these subscribers after BlackBerry discontinues their support/services. 

If you have any questions please reach out to us at Telecom Services.


U of T mobility services migration to Rogers

The University of Toronto is planning to migrate its corporate mobile services to the Rogers Network with Vendor of Record for the Ministry of Government Services offerings.

This will include an online ordering and administrative portal.

The solution will be at a minimum a replica of existing features and functionality with the intent to improve upon and create more efficient processes.

The first mobile users will be porting to Rogers in May 2021 with the remaining accounts to be ported to Rogers over the scope of 24 months as the existing individual contracts end.

We will be posting more updates to the website as the project proceeds, if you have any specific question please send your request to Steven Wall


Updating Communicator 7 application

All UofT users are being notified of a VoIP ‘Communicator 7 Upgrade’ application release that requires to be completed by February 18, 2021.

The VoIP/Telecommunications team are asking users to perform this update themselves if they have Administrator privileges. This new release does not apply to mobile phone VoIP users of the ‘Communicator 7’ app.


For step by step procedures to update the application for both Window and MAC OS please refer to the following:

Instructions to update Communicator 7


Release background: For the VoIP vendor [Broadconnect Canada/GoCo to maintain a high degree of software stability and network availability to the U of T customers, an update prompt has been enabled for the Communicator 7 desktop (Windows/MAC) application upon login or restarting of the application.

Impact: Users will be prompted to update the Communicator 7 Desktop application upon login or restarting the app. This will be an optional prompt over the course of three weeks post upgrade, but will become mandatory as of February 18, 2021.

The maintenance will be addressing two minor bugs:

-Wrong presence status set when choosing Automatic option

-Desktop client does not update user’s presence status based on Outlook settings

Current Version: 22.7.8

Upgraded Version: 22.7.16


Please note this change release update as you may be required to assist specific users within your respective areas and departments. The deadline date shared by our VoIP vendor to upgrade this desktop version of ‘C7’ application is prior to end of day Thursday February 18, 2021. The new version will become mandatory post this date.


Update for Mac:

Update for Windows:


Other downloads for Communicator 7 can be found here:

If you have any support type questions, please email




VoIP line monthly charges

As of Dec 1st 2019, all Centrex Bell phone lines that have already migrated to VoIP prior to this date will receive a further discount to telephony monthly charges.

  • Standard VoIP License phone line from $21.50 a month will be $17.75 ($13.75 + $4.00 Telecom Admin fee)
  • Premium VoIP License phone line from $23.50 a month will be $19.75 ($15.75 + $4.00 Telecom Admin fee)

All remaining Bell lines migrated post Dec 1, 2019 to VoIP, the monthly charges will still reflect $21.50 a month for Standard Licence and $23.50 a month for Premium License, including both migration and admin fees. This will stay in effect until Nov 2020.