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A proof-of-concept VoIP system that was formerly implemented in some departments at the University of Toronto.

The analog (non-VoIP) phone system used at U of T.

A system for handling a large volume of calls.

The voicemail service associated with Bell Centrex lines.

U of T's former VoIP solution.

DID is a phone number associated with a line.

Document populated by the Telecommunications department and the department requesting to migrate to VoIP, which includes telephony requirements, the number of lines and phones. This document informs which existing Bell lines need to be migrated to VoIP, and which license type and hardware should be ordered.

Previously called BroadConnect, GoCo is the former telephony provider for VoIP at U of T.

Extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows you to dial calls from the Chrome browser on your computer.

The “IP” in VoIP stands for Internet Protocol. The Internet Protocol address (or IP address) is a unique address that devices, such as personal computers, tablets and smartphones use to identify themselves and communicate with other devices in the IP network.

ITS is U of T’s central IT department that facilitates the delivery of IT services across the University’s divisions.

The University’s new VoIP solution for making and receiving phone calls, which replaced the Communicator 7 soft client application.

For more information, refer to the Teams Phone Migration FAQs.

A feature in the Communicator 7 application that provides audio and video conferencing, chat and screen sharing.

In the context of telecommunications, migration refers to the transfer of one phone, communications device or system to another with as little disruption to the service as possible.

For information about the VoIP migration to Teams Phone, refer to the Teams Phone Migration FAQs.

Tool used to assess your network by simulating voice traffic on the network and to report on the network’s readiness for VoIP implementation.

Some network switches provide power as well as internet connectivity, allowing devices to be powered via the Ethernet. In the VoIP context, this means that phones connected to switches that carry POE will not require separate power adapters.

Phone brand that was formerly supplied for VoIP use.

The act of transferring an existing phone number to a new phone system.

An application that allows you to use VoIP communications tools, such as chat, conferencing and making and receiving phone calls on your PC or Mac without a physical phone. Soft client and soft phone can be used interchangeably.

Refers to the integration of tools that are used for communications, such as instant messaging, telephone, email, teleconference and videoconference. VoIP systems allow for easy implementation of unified communications.

Displays your voicemails in a list on a screen.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP allows you to make voice calls using a network connection instead of a regular (analog) phone line.