Once the Rogers online portal is operational, business officers and administrators will be able to submit orders for new numbers, port numbers from another network and submit requests for hardware upgrades. Currently, we are in development of customizing the online Rogers e-ordering portal for U of T.

Until the portal is operational, all requests are being sent to the Telecommunications team (via Steven Wall) to submit to Rogers. There is an excel ‘bulk order sheet’ that we will send to you to fill out (i.e., user information and request details) to submit to Rogers. Keep in mind that if you are requesting to migrate a number that is currently in contract that there will be penalty fees from the current network.

Currently half of the corporate mobile users are out of contract and those will be the numbers we aim to port to Rogers first.

Porting a Number

Once the request has been submitted and the SIM card and/or hardware is delivered, there is a process to port the number. The Rogers SIM delivered will have a temporary Rogers number active on it. Users have 25 days to go to the link to process porting the number to Rogers.

Request Port/Transfer Instructions

  • Go to rogers.com/complete and request the port.
  • Enter port-in number (your current number) along with the corresponding Rogers temporary number (identified on the label attached to the SIM card).
  • Once the information has been entered, then click on ‘submit’.
  • You will then be directed to verify the port-in numbers. Once you have reviewed the information entered and all is accurate, then click on ‘submit’.
  • The port now has been submitted and the line will shortly transition to Rogers. The process can take anything between minutes to several hours but service will remain on your existing SIM until the port goes through.
  • You will receive a text message on the temporary number once the port is completed (if you still have your previous carrier’s SIM card in your device, you will now need to put your Rogers SIM card in permanently). You may need to restart the device to complete the port process.

Important: Users have up to 25 days from the activation date to port their numbers through the www.rogers.com/complete web page. After 25 days the number can automatically port to Rogers and if the user does not have the Rogers SIM card there is a possibility they will not have cell service.

Please ensure that the user has the SIM card and completes the port within 25 days.