To submit a change request to the Telecommunications Department please send Telecom Services an email providing the necessary information.

  • Service orders that involve “software changes only” are managed by the Telecommunications Analysts and will require a minimum 3-business day turnaround.
  • Charges for this service (Station Configuration Management) will be billed monthly by the Telecommunications Department directly to FIS.


Based on the Bell Centrex contract effective on Dec. 1, 2020 for 5 yrs.

Centrex lines:
     – 1 to 500:  $27.85 per line
Message mgr and call processing shared mailboxes:
     – 1 to 500:  $10.45 per Message Mgr
Extension mailboxes:
     – $2.20 per extension
DID tel. #:
     – $1.20 each
Termination as per contract:

“Early termination Fees will be 100% of the remaining monthly Fees for the Terminated lines below 500 line for the duration of the contract and any subsequent renewals.”