All UofT users are being notified of a VoIP ‘Communicator 7 Upgrade’ application release that requires to be completed by February 18, 2021.

The VoIP/Telecommunications team are asking users to perform this update themselves if they have Administrator privileges. This new release does not apply to mobile phone VoIP users of the ‘Communicator 7’ app.


For step by step procedures to update the application for both Window and MAC OS please refer to the following:

Instructions to update Communicator 7


Release background: For the VoIP vendor [Broadconnect Canada/GoCo to maintain a high degree of software stability and network availability to the U of T customers, an update prompt has been enabled for the Communicator 7 desktop (Windows/MAC) application upon login or restarting of the application.

Impact: Users will be prompted to update the Communicator 7 Desktop application upon login or restarting the app. This will be an optional prompt over the course of three weeks post upgrade, but will become mandatory as of February 18, 2021.

The maintenance will be addressing two minor bugs:

-Wrong presence status set when choosing Automatic option

-Desktop client does not update user’s presence status based on Outlook settings

Current Version: 22.7.8

Upgraded Version: 22.7.16


Please note this change release update as you may be required to assist specific users within your respective areas and departments. The deadline date shared by our VoIP vendor to upgrade this desktop version of ‘C7’ application is prior to end of day Thursday February 18, 2021. The new version will become mandatory post this date.


Update for Mac:

Update for Windows:


Other downloads for Communicator 7 can be found here:

If you have any support type questions, please email