Telephone Services

The Telecommunications department at the University of Toronto has negotiated agreements with its telecommunications suppliers in order to provide the University with a quality level of service consistent with the lowest possible rates. These Web pages summarize the rates for the most frequently ordered telephone services.

CENTREX telephone line (monthly rate)

Item Charge ($)
Basic rate charged by Bell Canada (effective 2009-12-01) $27.85
911 Line $0.12
Taxes after HST rebate (external clients exempt)  $0 .95
Public Switched Telephone Network Charge (billed by U of T Telecommunications)  $1.64
Telecoms Admin Fee (billed by U of T Telecommunications. Internal, no HST. External has HST) $7.00
Monthly Bell line charge $37.44

Bell Message Manager (Voicemail)

Item Charge ($)
Monthly charge for a standard mailbox
(billed by U of T Telecommunications)
Message waiting indicator — charged on single-line sets only (billed by Bell Canada) $1.65

Telephone Changes and other charges

Item Charge ($)
Software feature changes:any number of changes submitted at one time (billed by UofT Telecommunications) $50.00
Business Long Distance network charge per Fictitious billing number $2.95
Secondary number for UCD’s (Billed by Bell Canada) $1.20

Please be advised that a ‘customer not ready’ fee will be applied when a Bell technician arrives at a customer’s premises on an agreed date to install one or several services and for whatever reason site contact not available to instruct technician of work required, customer project postponed, customer design change that pushed out the schedule or any other client related issue that changes the schedule when the tech arrives to do the work and the department is not ready to have Bell perform the work on the scheduled install date then this charge will apply.

A minimum $200 fee will be charged in such instances to reschedule the appointment to a later date.

To avoid penalties, customers should postpone the service installation by providing a 24 hour minimum notice to Bell.

Cancellation charges that will be applied on orders cancelled less than 2 business days prior to the service due date will be one months service charge plus the one-time-only installation charge or $262.50 – whichever is less.

No cancellation charge is applied if order is cancelled 3 or more days prior to the due date.

Cancellation charges will not be applied in the following cases:

  • New connections where there is no established account
  • If replacing one service with another of equal or greater value. Replacement service must be identified to Bell at the time of cancellation
  • Modifications to orders (ie: 2 Centrex lines changing to 1 Centrex Line, Room numbers, etc)
  • Disconnect orders
  • One service is cancelled for an order with multiple service requests.

Please contact for VoIP pricing information