For questions related to the Rogers corporate mobility accounts you can open a ticket with Telecoms by sending an email to

If you have questions about a Rogers order or hardware, you can send an email to

If you have questions about a Rogers corporate account, invoicing or support please email RBSG12

The standard Vendor of Record plan is Voice and Data VOR. It is a tiered plan based on data usage.

Voice and Data allows unlimited voice calls and texts in the greater Toronto area with 6GB data allowance for $19.05 per month.

Once a user goes over the 6GB threshold, the plan moves to the higher tier with unlimited data and the plan changes to $49.75 per month.

The Rogers Corporate plans are available to staff and faculty who have an agreement to have the cost of their device and plan covered by their department. The department business officer manages the account, the account needs to have FIS codes and a UofT billing address. The University does not offer corporate pricing for personal devices and plans

Unlimited Canada Wide LD calls add-on: $3.13 (without add-on these calls are $0.01)

International Calls Preferred Rates add-on: $5.00 (this provides unlimited texts to US and preferred international rates to other countres:

Unlimited Calls to US Add-on: $15.00 (this add-on doesn’t include text so potentially the “preferred rates” may be better value depending on the users usage

The business officer for the department would need to request a profile to access the Rogers ordering portal for the administrator/business officer from the Telecoms team.

When the profile is set up, instructions on ordering will be sent to the admin as well as a video walkthrough of the portal.

Administrators can provide a Read Only profile to the user to view the hardware options if the department wants them to choose a model.

Read-Only Profile


Log in:

Password: Password123!

Sign into the portal with the above UserID, Choose ‘Buy a New Phone with a New Plan’, select ‘Continue”, choose “View Available Devices” The prices for the phone will reflect ‘”2STANDARD” which is the price of the phone on a two year contract term or “NOTERM” which is the full price of the phone. Some phones will also show “2ESSENTIAL” – this is the price on Voice Only plans but the only phone available on Voice-Only is the Alcatel 1B so you can disregard the 2ESSENTIAL price for other handsets

The first step is to report to the admin/ business officer to request to suspend service, this can be done by the business officer/Telecoms team or Rogers care team <> via the Rogers BSS billing portal. We can also report the IMEI of the phone to RBSG12 and they can block the device. Next you can request a replacement SIM card through the ordering portal under ‘Accessories’, this can be activated under the SIM Change option on the BSS portal. If the user is out of contract, a new phone can be requested using the Hardware Upgrade option on the ordering portal

Ordering a new SIM card can be done under the 'Accessories' option on the ordering portal. In an urgent request a blank SIM can also be obtained in a Rogers store.

To activate the blank SIM card, the business officer will need to sign into the BSS portal, under “Account Maintenance” to process the SIM change. Alternatively the business officer can send the request to the Rogers care team <> to process.

The admin can submit a request on the Rogers portal to return a damaged/malfunctioning phone. Under the ‘Update’ option on the Rogers ordering Portal, select “Advanced Exchange”. The phone must be within 2 years from date of purchase to be covered in Rogers warranty.

  • The VOR Advanced Exchange process provides a 24-month warranty for all devices provided by Rogers
  • The 1st year is covered by the Manufacturer, while the 2nd year is covered by Rogers
  • All replacements other than Dead on Arrival (DOA) devices will be replaced with a refurbished device
  • Replacements will be like for like and if not available, the next model up will be provided
  • When a replacement is shipped to the user/submitter, a prepaid waybill and instructions on how to send back the defective device will be provided
  • If the defective unit is not returned or received by Rogers, the user (mobile number) will be charged a non-returned hardware charge

For end user damaged device – you would follow the same process as mentioned (via Advance Exchange) and submit the request. Once the device is received and deemed damaged, the repair fee (typically $135.00) will be applied to the Rogers Monthly Invoice.

If the wrong phone is ordered/delivered you would need to contact the Rogers ordering team, The best way is to respond to the Shipping Confirmation email as that will have all of the necessary details of the order and delivery.

AppleCare Plus is the option provided to us on the Rogers portal. If AppleCare is not requested in the initial order it can be ordered from Apple directly but this is time sensitive.

Contact Apple directly at 1-800-263-3394

ESIM is an option for a digital SIM card where the business officer can request from the BSS portal under “Account Maintance”, “SIM Change”. They will need to provide the user’s email and provide the one-time passcode to the user. The user will receive a QR code that needs to be scanned and this programs the number to the phone. This allows an iPhone to behave as a Dual-SIM phone, the primary number is programmed to the phone and the phone can accept a secondary SIM card. This is useful and mostly used for roaming, a user can have their number programmed to their phone and also use a SIM card from a country they are visiting to easily have two SIM cards and avoid using their corporate SIM card for roaming.

ESIM activation can be requested through <>

For queries about hardware that is not a standard option on the Rogers portal you can send a request to the Rogers ordering team at

Some phone options are not available on the Vendor of Record plan and would have to be purchased at full price

Once an order is completed, a new account will not show on the Rogers BSS ‘Billing Self-Serve’ portal until after one month. A number being added to an existing account will not show up until after the billing date. Rogers will run a report each month for the orders from the previous month and set up the BSS access for the business officers listed on the orders processed.

(For numbers moving from Rogers to the Rogers UofT VOR account they will not show up on the report so a request will need to be submitted to RBSG12 to get the access

The process for porting a number is that after the order is completed by the administrator, a Rogers SIM with a temporary number will be delivered to the user. When the user is ready to complete the porting and move their number to replace the temporary number they need to submit a request online: