Introducing Flex Roaming Plan

When traveling on business for the University of Toronto outside of Canada, all cell phone and smartphone users should be aware that the use of cell phones and smartphones may incur additional charges for roaming and tethering.

To help reduce costs and for convenience, Flex Roaming plans have now been implemented for all Corporate Cell Phone accounts. Flex plans are automatically added when travel is detected on the mobile device. Roaming plans no longer need to be requested in advance of travel, and costs may be reduced..

Please see here for Flex plan rates.

The most cost-effective solution for travel remains having the phone unlocked and purchasing a SIM card at the country of destination.  In addition, there are ways to turn off features on your phone, such as disable Data Roaming, this can greatly reduce the risk of incurring unexpected costs.

Learn more about roaming and tethering charges, technologies, and alternatives by contacting your service provider, or if you are a Bell Mobility client (U of T’s Vendor of Record) at or before you travel.

For more information about mobile roaming, please review Bell Best Practices for Roaming.

For other service providers, such as Telus and Rogers please go to:

Bell Roaming Zone 4 – Updated