U of T Corporate Mobility Services Migrating to Rogers

Starting in May 2021, the University of Toronto (U of T) is migrating its corporate mobile services to the Rogers Network with Vendor of Record for the Ministry of Government Services offerings. This will include an online ordering and administrative portal.

The new Rogers service, features and functionality will be similar to the current Bell offerings, but will include additional benefits.

Client Requests for Upgrades/New Contracts

Specifically, if a corporate client requests an upgrade in service and/or has an expiring contract, please forward their information to Steven Wall at Telecommunications, Information Technology Services.


We will be posting more updates to the website as the project proceeds. If you have any specific question please send your request to Steven Wall.

Benefits of Migration

This migration will offer many benefits, including:

  • Lower-cost monthly plans
  • No data overages
  • Competitive international data roaming rates
  • Less expensive Canada-wide calling
  • Free Wi-Fi calling
  • Less administrative work due to a more comprehensive invoicing process


Overall, there are approximately 2,200 corporate U of T mobile phone users with Bell. Currently, 1,100 are out of contract, some of which are being migrated to Rogers as early adopters. The entire migration process is expected to take place from 2021 to 2023.

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