The Telecommunications Department is responsible for approximately 13,000 Bell Centrex telephone lines and a growing number of VoIP migrations. All moves, adds, and changes to the Centrex systems at the Downtown (St. George), Scarborough, Mississauga and Downsview locations, as well as projects to migrate from Bell to VoIP  are coordinated through this department.  Requests for work to be carried out on your telephone should be processed through your departmental Telephone Coordinator (usually the business officer or administrative assistant within your department/faculty).

Staff Directory

VoIP Services
General VoIP Inquiry VoIP Support & Inquiries 416-978-VOIP (8647)
Telecom Staff Contact: Telephone:
Acting Manager, Telecommunications Will Hu 416-946-8177
Unified Communications Support Analyst René Cheng 416-978-1006
Unified Communications Support Analyst Frank Soda 416-946-3351
Unified Communications Support Analyst David Tseu 416-978-4242
Unified Communications Support Analyst Steven Wall 416-946-0995
Bell Centrex Line Support
General Inquiry General Telecommunications Support 416-978-4000
Telephone Repair Telephone Repair 416-978-2000
Voicemail Support Voicemail Support 416-978-4000
Billing and Administrative Support Steven Wall 416-946-0995
Telecommunications Consultant David Tseu 416-978-4242

UTSC, UTM and Downsview locations are handled through the following contacts:

Location: Contact: Telephone:
University of Toronto Scarborough Cassie Zyhar 416-208-2000
University of Toronto Mississauga Radmila Zivkovic 905-569-4300
Institute for Aerospace Studies (Downsview) Jeff Cook 416-667-7724

Telecommunications Department Location

Downtown Campus (St. George)
215 Huron St. 9th Floor Room: 939
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A2