If you are travelling on University business, a calling card may significantly reduce your long distance telephone costs. As a general rule, the most favourable rates apply where one end of the call terminates in Canada; However, to obtain University rates you must use the Canada Direct Long Distance service that Bell Canada offers.

To obtain a calling card for University purposes, call the Telecommunications General Inquiry number at 416-978-4000. You may also email your request.

The Canada Direct service allows you to access Bell Canada’s long distance network by first calling a Canada Direct phone number in the United States or overseas country and then placing your long distance call.

To find out more about Canada Direct, visit: http://www.infocanadadirect.com.

The long distance rates vary depending on the nature of your call. In general, there is a transaction fee for making a call (which is generally lower if you dial the call yourself rather than using an operator) and a per-minute charge for the call itself. Using Canada Direct facilities, in countries where it is available, can substantially lower your costs versus using the foreign country’s telephone company’s long distance service.

The following schedules outline the rates for the various types of calling card calls:

  • Using Canada Direct Facilities
  • Calling Card Long Distance Rates
  • Canada to USA, USA to Canada & USA to USA
  • Using Canada Direct


Charge/min. ($)

Canada to Canada 0.20
Canada to USA 0.20
Canada to Overseas See Note 8
USA to Canada 0.20
USA to USA See Note 9
USA to Overseas See Note 9
  1. Rates listed show the cost per minute for a customer-dialed call and have been rounded to the nearest cent.The actual cost per minute of a call may vary slightly due to rounding within the calculation of the charge.
  2. Long distance calls are billed in six second increments with a minimum billing period of 30 seconds.
  3. Rates listed include all applicable taxes and have been adjusted for the University’s GST rebate.
  4. Long distance rates are subject to change without notice depending on the University’s monthly volume of long distance and on market conditions.
  5. These rates apply only to automated calls (customer-dialed) and there is no transaction fee.
  6. Operator assisted calls are considerably more expensive and are not covered by the University’s long distance agreement.
  7. Calls not placed through “Canada Direct” facilities do not qualify for these rates and can be substantially more costly.
  8. Overseas automated calls (customer-dialed) originating from Canada are charged the University of Toronto Direct Distance Dialed rates listed in the Top 20 and LD Rates schedules.
  9. Calls placed in the USA that do not terminate in Canada are charged at the US phone company’s rateat the prevailing US dollar exchange rate.
  10. Canada Direct Long Distance Service information can be found on the U of T Telecommunications web site.