Update on Bell Centrex Line Repairs:

Effective September 1st 2018, repairs will no longer be handled by the Telecommunications group. This is in keeping with our current processes for all campuses at U of T. For any repairs, please contact Bell Repair directly to request service for your Bell Centrex telephone line.

Prior to calling in your repair, please review the troubleshooting page on this site to help eliminate the set or other common problems, such as a loose cable, that you can fix yourself.

The number to call is 1-800-661-2190.

Please have the following information to open a ticket:

  1. Bell Centrex Telephone number
  2. Brief description of the telephone issue you are experiencing
  3. Line location (room, street address and postal code)
  4. Business Name: Please quote University of Toronto
  5. Premises contact person name, telephone number and hours of availability for repair

If you experience any problems opening a repair ticket (ie: address not matching) or you require an escalation, you may contact us at 416-978-2000 or Telecom Services

Thanks for your cooperation.

If you don’t know what type of set you have, refer to the page on this site to identify it: Telephone Set User Guides, or contact your department’s Telephone Co-ordinator for the record of your line and set.

If your telephone set’s warranty is still valid, you can ask for a replacement set from the vendor.

Problems incorrectly referred to Bell Canada could result in a $100.00 “visit charge” to your department.

Still not working/no dial tone or line problems?

If your phone is still not working and you suspect that the line is the problem, call 1-800-661-2190.

Important Note: A service charge may be levied for repair calls not defined as a line “out of service” (i.e., no dial tone).

If you identify a defective set and wish to purchase a replacement set, please refer to the Telephone Purchase page on this site.