Bell Troubleshooting FAQs

How can I fix a phone set that does not ring?

If you are able to make outgoing calls but don’t hear your set ringing for incoming calls:

  • check your volume control to make sure your volume bar is turned up enough and not in an “off” or “low” volume position
  • check to make sure that you have not manually call forwarded your telephone to another number and forgotten to cancel the call forwarding feature
How can I troubleshoot fax and modem line problems?

Voice Grade Data Lines Only

Plug a single-line handset (e.g., Unity II 8000/9000 series set) into a fax or modem line jack to verify that this is a line problem, not a peripheral equipment malfunction.

  • If you hear a dial tone and the line seems to be fine, check your peripheral equipment to see if it requires adjustments or repairs.
  • If you do not hear a dial tone when the set is plugged in, email or call 416-978-2000
How do I troubleshoot handset problems?

To rule out set problems, test another set of exactly the same type in place of the problem set at the same jack location. If the other set works or the problem has cleared up, you probably do have a set problem.

Email or call 416-978-2000

What can I do if I hear line static and interference?

Line static and interferences can result from a line or a set problem.

  • Check your connections for loose cords, especially the cord connection into your handset.
  • See the suggestions in Set Problems to rule out a set problem before reporting a problem with your line
  • Check to see if there is an electrical transformer for another device immediately behind the set. Sometimes electromagnetic waves emanating from the device can affect your set.
What can I do if my digital display disappears or is scrambled?

If your digital display has disappeared or appears to be scrambled, check the attached AC adapter (black box-power transformer) to make sure it is still plugged into the electrical wall/floor outlet or power bar; this is what controls the appearance of the digit display on your set.

What should I do if a feature does not work?

Did you wait to hear the feature acceptance tone (3 beeps)?

Did you wait to hear the confirmation tone (2 beeps)?

If you are hearing only a fast busy tone, the feature you are trying to activate is not being accepted.

  • Try to enter the numbers again or cancel
  • Check with your department’s Telephone Coordinator to see whether the feature you are trying to use has been assigned to your set
What should I do if I can’t hear sound on my headset?

Check all of your connections to the jack, to the set and also into the handset.