The Vendor of Record pricing has a flat rate of $4.75 for Unlimited calls. Data is priced at $14.30 for 6GB data and once that threshold is reached, the pricing tier automatically moves to Unlimited Data at $45.00. The plan options are Voice Only, Data Only or Voice and Data. If Data is selected, the user is automatically on the lower data plan until usage goes over 6GB where they are automatically moved to Unlimited data. The following month the tier goes back down to 6GB.

  • Voice and Data (up to 6GB): $19.05
  • Voice and Data (unlimited, once you pass 6GB): $49.75
  • Voice Only: $4.75
  • Data Only (6GB): $14.30
  • Data Only (unlimited, once you pass 6GB): $45.00
Feature/Service/Process/Item Ceiling Rate
Flat Rate – Per Minute Charges (voice) $0.00
Voice Unlimited/CAP/Monthly Service Fee $4.75
Directory Assistance $1.00
Visual Voicemail $8.00
Long Distance – Within Canada Per minute $0.01
Long Distance Within Canada- Unlimited Add-on $3.13
Long Distance – Canada to US $0.15 p/m
Unlimited Calls to US $27.00
Preferred International Call Rates (Add-On) $5.00
Data Plan 6 GB $14.30
Data Plan Unlimited $45.00