Release Notes – Release 3.9.4 

 New Features 

The following features are introduced with this release. 

Visual Voicemail – A new option called Voicemail is introduced. By tapping on the Voicemail option, it provides you with options to play the audio file directly from the Communicator 7 Application, without having to go into the Voice Messaging Portal. Additional options within this setting are Call, Mark as New, Mark as Played, and delete. 

Pull Call – This feature is a service that allows you to retrieve an active call from another source, and instantly transfer it onto Communicator 7. Most notably the common scenario is having an active call on your Polycom phone, and require stepping away from your desk but to maintain the call on your mobile application. By default, the Feature Access Code used is *11. This must be dialed on the Communicator 7 Application to pull the call. Due to its popular use, an option of Pull Call has been added to the menu. 

Chat Heads – Popularly used by Facebook Messenger on your mobile, when receiving an incoming chat in Communicator 7, if the message has not been read yet, a circular icon is visible over your applications. Only when you have tapped the icon to read the message, will that notification go away. This is an optional setting and by default is disabled for the user. 


The following improvements are introduced with this release. 

Updated User Interface – The user interface has been updated. The default screen is the Messages page. When tapping on the Menu icon, all other features are listed here such as Favorites, Groups, Directory, Call History, Dialpad, etc., in addition to the new features listed above. Settings from specific menus such as “Detailed Logging”, “Crash Reporting”, and “Email Logs to Support” was in its own Troubleshooting menu but now placed inside the Settings menu for simplicity. With everything moved under the Menu, it allows easy access of all available features Communicator 7 has to offer. 

Update Password – The ability to update the Communicator 7 Password is now available from the Settings menu. 

Night Mode – Communicator 7 will now follow the Mobile’s setting of Night Mode. If Night Mode is turned on, Communicator 7 will have a black/grey background. If Night Mode is turned off, Communicator 7 will have a white background. 

Presence – The Presence feature has been enhanced by introducing a new status called “Automatic”, while also re-working how the others operate. By selecting your status as “Automatic” your presence will automatically reflect what you are currently doing. For example, if you are ready to take a call, it will indicate your presence as “Available”. If you are idle on the application, it will indicate your presence as “Away”. If you are on an active call, it will indicate your presence as “Busy”. 

You can override this by manually selecting the option instead of “Automatic”. For example, if you select the status as “Available”, but you are on an active call, it will indicate you are “Available”. If you select the status of “Busy”, but you are not on an active call, it will indicate that you are “Busy”. 

Security Enhancements 

The following security enhancements are introduced with this release. 

Long Lived Authentication Token – This feature introduces support for new long-lived tokens with the aim to improve on session cookies by providing a new form of bearer token that has a longer life span and is not directly tied to a specific application. 

If you “Sign-Out” of the application, when you re-open the application, you will be prompted to enter in your Login Credentials. 

If you “Exit” out of the application, it will maintain your login credentials and automatically sign you back into the application when opened. 

Bug Fixes 

The following bug fixes are introduced with this release. 

-Loading landing page is taking double time in Android compared to iOS 

-Voicemail tab shows up when Voicemail on user is Off 

-Visual separator missing in “New message” screen 

-Capitals missing when selecting Presence options 

-Copy/Paste IM address not possible