The Telecommunications Department offers a Web Telephone Request Form, which allows users to submit move, add and change requests directly to the Telecommunications Department. Implementation of any requests are subject to Bell’s schedule.

  • Service orders that involve “software changes only” are managed by the Telecommunications Analysts and will require a minimum 3-business day turnaround.
  • Charges for this service (Station Configuration Management) will be billed monthly by the Telecommunications Department directly to FIS.
  • Service orders that require Bell Canada intervention will be processed and forwarded to the Bell Canada Business Office with an appropriate due date assigned following Bell Canada’s appointment plan. Charges for this service will be billed monthly and will appear on your regular Bell Canada bill.

All due dates must comply with the Bell Canada appointment schedule:

Number of Lines

Number of Business Days

1-5 5
6-10 10
11-15 15
15+ COD – Coordinated Due Date negotiated with Bell Canada following consultation and pre-survey if required.