This is a multi-year, university-wide project, with the goal to convert over 13,000 Bell Centrex phones to VoIP by the end of 2020

The Telecommunications department, under the administration of Enterprise Infrastructure Solution (EIS) at U of T’s Information Technology Services (ITS), has developed a support structure and resource staff for the VoIP implementation project.

BroadConnect VoIP offers an abundance of tools for any department that is poised to reinvigorate its telecommunications strategy. With a steady volume of important communications to, from, and within the university, and with faculty, staff, and students working from diverse locations, it is becoming increasingly important to deploy cost-effective communications tools that can handle the variety of challenges that each department faces.

Moving to BroadConnect VoIP from Bell Centrex or another system is not mandatory for the university community, but there are several factors that may influence a department to migrate within the next 3 years:

  • Cost savings will be realized:
    • during the 3-year migration project, departments will see immediate monthly savings of approximately 30% per phone line once they switch to VoIP. At the end of the project, once all Centrex lines (and voicemail) have been migrated to VoIP, the monthly cost for VoIP will be reduced further, with VoIP lines costing approximately 50% less than what departments are currently paying for their legacy analog phone and voicemail service.
    • for any department that makes regular use of additional communications tools, such as teleconference bridge calls, screen-sharing applications, or applications to enable group chats. These tools are included with BroadConnect’s Premium plan
  • Enhanced communications tools: 
    • all of the features currently available with Bell Centrex, such as call forward, voicemail to email, local 5-digit extension calling, and 911 location identification are part of the BroadConnect VoIP offering. Additionally, BroadConnect VoIP offers chats (or instant messaging) with groups or individuals, 3-way calling, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, custom ringtones, and a multitude of other communications tools
  • Bell Centrex contract is ending:
    • the university’s contract with Bell will end on November 30, 2020.
    • if a department chooses to wait until after the 3-year migration window that UofT Telecom Services has planned, that department will incur significant phone line cancellation fees. One of the benefits of a department migrating their Bell Centrex lines during the 3-year window is that cancellation costs are averaged out for all phone lines migrated so as not to disadvantage early adopters or reward late adopters.  Those costs are rolled into the interim monthly fee for the VoIP service.