Cumulative number of lines moved to VoIP

The chart below shows the number of lines (cumulative) that have moved to BroadConnect VoIP since the University commenced the migration project in May of 2017.
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Remaining Bell Centrex lines at U of T

The chart below shows the monthly number of Bell Centrex lines at the university over the past several months.

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VoIP Migration Milestones

Division/ DepartmentMigration StatusNumber of Lines*
UTMCompleted September 20191221
Ancillary ServicesCompleted September 2020158
Anti Racism & Cultural DiversityCompleted February 20184
Canadian Institute Health ResearchCompleted September 20202
Energenius Centre for Advanced NanotechCompleted June 20193
CCRMCompleted March 202034
CECCS Office of the PresidentCompleted Feb 20182
Dalla Lana School of Public HealthCompleted Oct 2019212
Daniels Completed January 2019117
Division of University AdvancementCompleted July 2019251
Enrolment ServicesCompleted October 2017118
Facilities & ServicesCompleted October 2020170
Faculty AssociationCompleted August 202014
Faculty Club of TorontoCompleted Sept 20206
Faculty of Applied Science & EngineeringCompleted October 20201076
Faculty of Arts & ScienceCompleted November 20202597
Faculty of Dentistry Completed November 2017564
Faculty of InformationCompleted May 201971
Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical EducationCompleted Feb 2020252
Faculty of LawCompleted January 2020180
Faculty of Medicine Completed December 20191178
Faculty of Music Completed September 201997
Faculty of NursingCompleted March 2018145
Faculty of Social WorkCompleted May 2018114
Financial DivisionCompleted November 201976
Governing CouncilCompleted August 201944
Graduate HouseCompleted November 201919
Hart HouseCompleted November 201978
HR & EquityCompleted November 202078
ITSCompleted June 2017290
Knox CollegeCompleted April 201931
Faculty of PharmacyCompleted November 2019158
Lines migrated from BarracudaCompleted June 2017320
Massey CollegeCompleted August 2020160
Office of Government, Institutionalised & Community RelationsCompleted November 201811
Office of the PresidentCompleted October 2019118
OISECompleted November 2018547
Personal Safety, High Risk, and Sexual Violence Prevention Completed October 201725
Rotman CommerceCompleted August 201854
Rotman School of Management Completed July 2019620
School of Continuing StudiesCompleted October 2019165
School of Graduate StudiesCompleted September 201854
Student LifeCompleted November 2019284
Student CouncilCompleted Jan 20183
Toronto School of TheologyCompleted July 201914
University of St Micheal's CollegeCompleted June 2019227
University of Toronto LibrariesCompleted October 2020328
University of Toronto Schools Completed April 2019134
University Planning, Design & Construction (UPDC)Completed March 2019115
Victoria CollegeCompleted Dec 201912
VP Planning & BudgetCompleted July 201933
VP & Provost OfficeCompleted Dec 2019102
VPRICompleted November 2019207