Administrators ordering new cell phones from Rogers:

Due to a global supply chain issue, the available hardware options to order on the Rogers portal are limited. Most have a long wait time and requests are placed on back order.

To circumvent this issue as much as possible, we have placed a buy-and-hold request with Rogers where they have put inventory aside specifically for U of T requests.

Please see below the quantities of models currently available – we will update this list each week to keep it as accurate as possible. When ordering any of the below devices, even if they are showing on the portal as out-of-stock, these models are currently held in their warehouse, available for them to fulfill our requests.

If you have any questions please reach out to Steven Wall or Will Hu at Telecommunications.

Device SKUDevice NameReceived
S21U128BLKSamsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 128GB9
IPSE364BKiPhone SE (3rd Gen) 64GBOn Order
IPSE3128BKiPhone SE (3rd Gen) 128GBOn Order
IP1164BLK20iPhone 11 64GB15
IP1264BLKiPhone 12 64GB15
IP13128MDNiPhone 13 128GBOn Order
IP13256MDNiPhone 13 256GB10
IP14128MDNApple iPhone 14 128GB MidnightOn Order
IP14256MDNApple iPhone 14 256GB MidnightOn Order
IP14512MDNApple iPhone 14 512GB MidnightOn Order
IP14PL128MDNApple iPhone 14 Plus 128GB Midnight10
IP14PL256MDNApple iPhone 14 Plus 256GB Midnight10
IP14PL512MDNApple iPhone 14 Plus 512GB MidnightOn Order
IP14P128BLKApple iPhone 14 Pro 128GB Space BlackOn Order
IP14P256BLKApple iPhone 14 Pro 256GB Space BlackOn Order
IP14P512BLKApple iPhone 14 Pro 512GB Space BlackOn Order
IP14P1TBLKApple iPhone 14 Pro 1TB Space BlackOn Order
IP14PM128BLKApple iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB Space BlackOn Order
IP14PM256BLKApple iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB Space Black10
IP14PM512BLKApple iPhone 14 Pro Max 512GB Space BlackOn Order
IP14PM1TBLKApple iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB Space BlackOn Order