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Telecommunications at U of T is hosting training sessions throughout the year to provide an in depth view of the VoIP service available at the University. The sessions, one hour in length, will start with covering the benefits of VoIP, using the hardware and application, other VoIP features and tips, cost saving options and answering any questions.

Who should attend?

The majority of UofT has transitioned to VoIP by the end of 2019. For those interested in learning more about the VoIP features or have questions on the best way to get the most from their telephony service we are happy to host training sessions open to anyone.

Location: 215 Huron St, 9th Floor, Room 936

Upcoming Sessions:

Thursday, May 21st, 2020, 11am – 12pm Register

Thursday July 30th, 2020, 11am – 12pm Register

Thursday, September 24th, 2020, 11am – 12pm Register