Cell Phone Roaming and Tethering Charges – What you need to know

When traveling on business for the University of Toronto outside of Canada, be aware that the use of cell phones and smartphones may incur additional charges for roaming and tethering.

All cell phone and smartphone users should be aware that the use of these mobile devices outside the country can and will incur additional costs at higher rates if steps are not taken before hand. For example, you may get a special data plan from your cell phone provider. In addition, there are ways to turn off the features such as Data Services Roaming on your phones that can greatly reduce the risk of incurring unexpected costs.

Learn more about roaming and tethering charges, technologies and alternatives by contacting your service provider, or if you are a Bell Mobility client (UofT’s Vendor of Record) at www.bell.ca or http://mobilebusiness.bell.ca/coverage-travel/ before you travel.

For further details on Bell’s Best Practices for Mobile Roaming please go to:

Bell Best Practices for Roaming

NEW — Bell Roaming Rates – Updated on October 2016

For other service providers, such as Telus and Rogers please go to:

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